:: Call for exhibishion
In parallel with the conference, there will be exhibitions where products and services related to the topics of the conference can be presented. ICCE 2012 will provide exhibitors with:
  • Exhibit space, in a special area of the conference venue.
  • Some materials such as tables, chairs.
  • Other resources (on demand).
Companies wishing to exhibit products or services of interest to the ICCE 2012 attendees are requested to submit a letter or e-mail of intends with the following information:
  • A short description of the company.
  • A short description of the products or services to be exhibited.
  • The minimum amount of exhibit space needed (e.g., the number of tables needed).
  • Other requirements(e.g.,power plugs etc.).
All proposals and inquiries should be submitted by e-mailing to secretariat@icce2012.org
Important Dates
    - Proposal     :  Dec. 31, 2011
    - Registration:  Jan. 31, 2012
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